Sunday, 27 April 2008

Walking, leaping and praising God.

Hello did you think that I have forgotten about you all? No worries as here I am. Had a busy Sunday as usual. I went to call for the 2 wee girls that had promised to come to Sunday School but one wasn't in and one wasn't allowed. Will keep trying though and hopefully they will get to come eventually. Sunday school today was all about joy. We thought about the lame man at the Beautiful Temple gate. He asked Peter for money and got something far more life changing. Peter said " In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. And all the people saw him walking and leaping and praising God". That must have been real joy!! I have stubbed my toe and it is all black and blue so for now there is no leaping! This is a picture of our wee class and also Penny the parrot with Frankie's hat on.
We went to Andrew and Marian's for lunch they have a fantastic view from their front garden of the Forth Rail Bridge and on the other side the Road Bridge.
It was the after fellowship at church tonight and we had a time of singing and sharing. It was lovely to hear of one lady who has returned to her love of Jesus. We sang Turn your eyes upon Jesus. The second verse says, Keep your eyes upon Jesus let nobody else take His place. So that hour by hour you may know His power. Till at last you have run the great race. It is easy to let your eyes wander from the face of Jesus and let other things take His place. It has to be your decision to keep looking to Him. Spend time with Him and focus your gaze! Will be in touch soon. With love, Elizabeth xx

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SSH said...

Hope your toe is better soon!