Saturday, 24 May 2008

Jumping Jills!

Hello hope you are all having a lovely Saturday.
We have been very industrious with our baking today. I always get embroiled in these things when I have other things to do! So here I am with about 30 mins to go before we leave for a meal at the Faith Mission and I have to get the girls ready and the story etc for Sunday school. Oh well at least we have banana muffins to eat!!!
It will be nice to go out to the meal tonight and have some fun and chat. The story for tomorrow is the lost sheep so at least it is fairly familiar to me! Jonathan has cool visuals for it aswell. God is good huh? Oh and we are going out with some folks from the church for lunch tomorrow and if that is not enough I don't have to get a supper ready as it is the monthly fellowship at Gorgie and another team is on the refreshments! God really is good at just the time you need Him. Hope and trust you know His goodness and provision for your every need at this time.
Catch you tomorrow! Love Elizabeth. xx

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