Friday, 23 May 2008

Hello there,
A brand new day. No wonder it is called the present as it really is a gift from God. We have never had the 23rd May 2008 before so it is a unique opportunity to use it for Jesus sake. What are your plans for today? We are off later on with my sister and her friend to the Almond Valley Farm to see all the newborn animals. My sister Nora is packing us a picnic and all I have to do is remember the water and the cups. One time I forgot the cups and I haven't been let forget it since. I have a terrible memory!
Well I had better go and stick the kettle on for the flasks. I trust that God blesses you and that you enjoy this gift rhat He has given you. Speak to you later. Love Elizabeth. xx

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Stuart said...

Remember the cups!