Thursday, 22 May 2008

God's great design!

Morning. Jonathan and Bethany are on the floor playing with magnets and Lydia is emptying her bedroom of all the My Little Pony things that she can find and bringing them into the front room for us to fall over! Do you know though that I would not change a moment of it for all the tea in China. I love to see how the kids play and the imagination that they have. Today in many situations children are not allowed to be children and the things they have to see and deal with are so traumatic that they are forced to grow up far too quickly. Our children should have the chance to be children, to enjoy life without the pressures that this world puts on them for results in test and the like. God has a great design for each life that He has created. I am sure that He is pleased when we allow our children the freedom just to play. God has created us too and has a great plan for us, sometimes that involves the freedom to take time out.To relax and enjoy life and often in those times when we are most relaxed we find we have the greatest opportunities to share with another about our love for Jesus. Jesus sat at the well, while the Disciples went for food and He met with a woman who was ashamed and outcast and He shared with her and she believed and brought others to Jesus. We may miss out on the joy of sharing just by the sheer busyness of life. Take time today to sit by the well and wait. Not only will you enjoy the rest but you never know it may lead to a conversation that will change a life. Be blessed today. Love Elizabeth. xx

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