Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Hope this makes up for it Stuart!

Our friend Stuart wrote a comment about being annoyed cause I had not posted anything this morn so I thought I'd sweeten him up by showing you the tour he takes with his dad on the boat. It's called the Misty Isle and if you are ever in Skye you must take a trip!!!
This morning I got up and as usual I sat down at the computer to write my blog but guess what? I had nothing to say. That must be a first! Anyway now that I have woken up properly I have something to say, (surprise, surprise).
Every so often I have a little wobble over the fact that we are moving away from Edinburgh and going to Skye. I have to say that God is being ultra patient with me and He keeps on confirming it in a variety of ways. Just yesterday I had one of those experiences. I was sitting folding the washing and wondering if we are doing the right thing when the phone rang and it was Glenda from Skye with a booking for a meeting. I am amazed that God knows what I need and when to give it to me. I know that we are following the leading and guidance of God, but sometimes I lose faith in my own abilities. Jonathan is as steady as a rock and has absolutely no doubts what so ever. I wish I were like that. We talked about it last night though and he tried to encourage me with thoughts of how Paul felt having to leave new converts behind when moving on. It is definitely hard, but I am sure that God has them and us in His hand and He will lead us.
Today at the coffee morning we were able to have another chat with Matt. He is one of the carers that comes with Christine, a lady with learning difficulties. Matt's father is a Baptist minister and although Matt has grown up and professed faith and been baptised, he wants nothing to do with what he calls "organised religion". He thinks church is not the way to go. He has very definite ideas and it is very hard to talk to him about what the Bible says on the subject. I am very glad though that he is open to talk and we trust that just some snippet of info has penetrated not just his head but his heart too.
Is your relationship real or is it just an organised religion? Religion will never really make a difference to the world, but a real true love relationship between you and Jesus will. What have you got?
Speak to you later. Sorry I am late!
Love E. xx

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Stuart said...

All is forgiven! THanks for that - I am home about 5 minutes and one of the first things to do = check your blog!

We're looking forward to seeing you when you are up this way for the service.