Sunday, 11 May 2008

Strike a pose!

I was supposed to take a photo of the congregation this morning but I forgot. So this is Jonathan striking a pose for me! He was tidying up when I accosted him with my camera. I had the camera at the front of the church too as I was using it to speak to the children about the "instant" age we live in. Instant coffee, text messages, even reserving computer games so that the instant they are released we can get our hands on them. Another instant thing is asking Jesus into your heart. As soon as you utter the prayer that says you are sorry and seek His forgiveness He instantaneously makes you His child. The next bit is not so instant but none the less important as He wants us to be like Him. I have been a Christian for over 20 years and although I am glad to say there has been some growth in those years, I know that there is so much more for me to learn. I want to become more like Him and boy does that take work. All those corners that He needs to knock off me and the issues that He needs to address. I shared a verse from Hebrews 11 with the wee ones this morning. It says that "God was not ashamed to be called their (heroes of the faith) God" Wow I trust that God can say that of me. Little by little He is changing me. The problem is though the more I get to know Him and the closer we become the more I see His Glory and realise I have so much further to go. I want to be like Him and so it spurs me on. It does take time and effort but so do all good relationships. May we be imitators of Christ Jesus.
Bye for now. E. xx

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