Thursday, 29 May 2008

Morning! I am having a few technical difficulties this morn and am a small bit frustrated with the computer which probably doesn't help! The photo that is up the top is of the school where I do a Scripture Union class every Thursday. Today is my last day ever. It is kind of weird thinking bout that. We finish early for the summer but then I have decided not to go back. Life is already busy and so I have decided that it is time to start getting out of things in preparation for going to Skye. I reckoned it might be a wee bit easier for them to get someone to replace me at the beginning of the school year rather than half way through. I am on the story and what not today and true to form I am not organised.
We had my Sister Wilma and Brother in law David yesterday. It is great to see them, although Wilma had a migraine poor thing and was having a terrible day. David did a really good job at the Bible Study last night and told us amazing stories of God working in Greece. I love listening to Missionaries who's stories are bang up to date, but I guess it should be the way with all of us. Our Christian experiences should not only consist of what happened that one day we were saved. It should be about that and all the way right up to this present day that we can share what God has done for us.
What has God done or said or meant to you this week? If you can't think of anything then maybe it is time for you to put aside all the other stuff of life and make time for the One who has come and given you life more abundant!
We have a family appointment at the dentist today, yippee!
Speak later love E. xx

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