Saturday, 31 May 2008

I am going shopping!!!

Mornin to all. We have a lovely sunny Saturday morn here and I am just saying a quick hello as I am off to the shops with my sisters Nora and Wilma. They are only really taking me so as I can drive them but hey ho I'm not proud and don't mind being the chauffeur (I think that is how you spell it). The girls are off to art class and while there Jon is coming down to Nora's to get breakfast rolls with sausage and bacon. Could the day be more perfect? It will not be so funny when I have to try and get organised for Sunday school later on!!! Never mind if we didn't have the problems we wouldn't appreciate the good so much. I really appreciate the time to go and mosey around the shopping centre and am going to enjoy it! Wilma's husband David is speaking at both services tomorrow so Jon only has communion to organise so he is head chef and chief bottlewasher today. He thinks he will probably be David sitting as well!
Well I will check in later. Be blessed and happy in what you do today. Find the joy in the menial and just press on in the tasks God has given. With love Eliz. xx

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