Saturday, 24 May 2008


This terrible twosome are Nathaniel and Joan. The photos were taken by Lydia so excuse the off centredness! They are Janet Slater's parents. They were taking an major part in the Fellowship meal and they used Jonathan and I for two of their stories! They told of how when I first got married I couldn't cook but Jonathan really wanted a rhubarb tart. One day he came in and I presented him with a 15 inch tart. He said how lovely it looked but in no way could he eat all that. I told him that those were the shortest stalks of rhubarb I could find!!! She was right though with the not being able to cook and if I had even known what to do with rhubarb I might have done just what she said! I am very thankful that someone gave us a slow cooker for a present and I often quip that it saved our marriage in the early days. Now I like cooking and get recipe books as presents. I need to follow the guidelines and can't just make it up as I go. It is the same with the Christian life. When we begin we really have no idea how to do it but God gives us guidelines in a book called the Bible. I read a statistic that said 48% of evangelical Christians rarely or never read their Bibles. No wonder our churches and our own lives are in a mess. God gave us the training manual we just need to use it! Have a lovely time at the places you worship! Bye, E. xx

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