Saturday, 17 May 2008

Well I seem to have been on the computer for hours and yet not managed to get anything done with the blog. I have been booking flights for a couple of nights in Northern Ireland as our friends Robert and Alison have sent us an invitation to Robert's licensing to be a Presbyterian Minister. These friends are the ones who started us on homeschooling as they homeschool their two boys using the ACE curriculum which they then passed on to us free of charge. Isn't God good? Yesterday through friends re-united I made contact with an old school friend. It is so crazy to think that it was 16 years ago that I saw most of those folks, (I left that school at 15 when we moved house) Just in case you were thinking that I was older than I want you to think that I am!!! I've invited a few of them over for dinner so that's a bit scary! In school I had a massive fuzz head of hair and looked like a microphone so hopefully I have got a little better with age! We all change tho so I'm sure they don't all look the same as they did either. There is a verse that says Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart. Sometimes we are so worried about our looks and the looks of others we forget about the heart. God knows and sees your heart and mine. He knows what they are like and to whom they belong. Have you given your heart to Jesus? How do you do that? Just by saying a simple prayer, telling Him you are sorry for the things you have done wrong, thanking Him for dying on the cross for you and then asking Him to take control of your life. It will be the best decision you have ever made.
We are offski to a meeting, to sing and speak then out for tea to KFC, yum yum.
With love, Elizabeth. xx

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