Sunday, 11 May 2008

Just a quick hello!

I just thought that I would say a quick hi before I go and get in to all the madness that is involved in this house to get ready to go to church. The photo is taken last night at the meeting we went to in Bathgate. Paul and Lydia were very busy colouring in.
I am nearly ready for Sunday school. I am going to call on those two wee girls Clair and Kourtney to come to Sunday school so if you get this now please pray that they will be allowed to come.
We are going to lunch with some friends in West Calder after lunch. They have 5 kids and have moved from Germany to Scotland in this past year. They also homeschool their kiddies.
Right I am off to get breakfast and get ready for His day. As usual can I encourage you to take part in worshipping Him not with a half hearted energy but with all the love and desire your heart should have for someone who has done for you what no other could ever have done. He deserves our everything. Give it to Him this morning!
Speak to you later. With love E. xx

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