Wednesday, 21 May 2008

This is a picture of the lunch time escapades of our ladies' meeting/ coffee morning trip yesterday. We had a lovely time away and I really enjoyed the company of my sister Nora.
Our friends have just left from having been here for lunch and the kids had a great time playing while Sue and I very much enjoyed putting the world to rights. We spoke a lot about this new "revival" that is being reported of from Florida. It would seem that it is much more about the man who is conducting it rather than the God who is supposed to be sending it. John spoke in the Bible of wanting to "decrease so that He may increase". Life as we know it should be all about exalting God rather than ourselves. Someone has said that the human body is a remarkable piece of chemistry, you pat a man on the back and his head begins to swell. We must take none of the glory but give it all to Him who really is worthy of all the glory.
Jonathan is preparing for the Bible study tonight and so I had better go and get him some sustenance. I hope you know the sustaining of the Holy Spirit today! Be discerning! With love E. xx

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