Monday, 12 May 2008

A Miserable Monday?

The weather is back to wet and grey. We are off to the zoo today with my sister Nora and her hubbie Davy. The girls are very glad to be going. We have just started a project on animals so I am pretending that this trip is "educational".
Later on we have our prayer meeting here at the house. It is such a small attendance at the prayer meeting that we can all fit in here. How is it that the most important meeting of the church is often the least attended. We seem to think of the prayer meeting as some kind of punishment. I have never come away from a prayer meeting wishing I had never bothered to go. No matter how hard it is to pick myself up and go, I always am blessed. Prayer is not only there for us to beseech God on the behalf of others but prayer also does us good. When Moses communed with God his face shone.
I read a story the other day of a preacher who looked down into his congregation and was absolutely amazed to see a well known skeptic in the service. After the sermon he convinced the skeptic to return for the next 4 Sundays to hear the series he was doing on salvation. After the 4th Sunday the skeptic came and told thepreacher he had come to know Jesus.
"it wasn't so much through your sermons" he said," although they helped. After church I took an old frail ladies' arm and walked her down the steps. She looked up at me and asked, "Do you know my lovely Saviour?" When I looked at her she seemed to glow and I knew then there must be something in this if she could have such love that it would shine on her face".
Do you love Jesus? Do you spend time with Him? I wonder does it show on your face?
It's not a miserable Monday just because it is raining, let your face shine!
E. xx

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Stuart said...

I have to say Elizabeth... I am VERY dissappointed! It is Tuesday morning, 9.38, and you STILL haven't posted today! What am I supposed to do! I'm going to have to go off to work now without having read a Tink Talk blog. You have ruined my day! Get to it and get blogging!!